Kim Wexler - Rhea Seehorn Likeness Sculpt Part 2

General / 09 April 2018

Since my last blog update on Kim, I haven't made any major changes but lots of small little changes to help push the likeness a bit further along

The two main things I did were add some skin details such as crows feet and pores. I also went back and totally redid the lips thanks to a critique from a friend of mine. Most notable of all though, I gave the head a bit of a tilt and rotated her eyes to give her a little bit of character.

After looking at this a bit longer, I noticed one thing she was missing were eyelashes so I made a real simple mesh to put in for that. From this point, I also updated her clothes and fleshed them out a bit more.

I also ended up revisiting the pose and considered the character. Kim is a real strong character in the show and I thought the head tilted down might not convey that too well. Instead, I decided to tilt the head up and move the eyes to look more into the distance rather than at the camera. 

I feel this has more power to it than the previous pose and it also looks better from multiple angles

There are still a few things left I want to finalize including some finer detail on the eyebrows, fleshing out her undershirt a bit more and tweaking the lighting and material for the finer render. I think I've come to the conclusion that a warmer dominant color scheme works better for this piece than a cooler one