Super Smash Bros - Masahiro Sakurai Amiibo
George crudo sakurai ultimate final

Final render of the model in Zbrush

George crudo sakurai ultimate amiibo twitsafe

Painted 3D Print

George crudo sakurai response new

Mr. Sakurai saw the post and responded to it! I never thought he would see it let alone acknowledge it. Had the help of @PushDustin on Twitter to get my message to him in Japanese :)

George crudo sakurai ultimate amiibo group
George crudo sakurai close up ultimate final
George crudo seanhicksconcept

Original Concept by Sean Hicks. Thanks for all the help Sean!!

George crudo sakkey
George crudo 20181121 193259

Comparing the size of the print to an existing amiibo. I wanted Sakurai to be a teeny bit taller than Cloud so this came out perfect!

George crudo 20181129 025010

Fully primed!

George crudo 20181125 013535

Started doing some painting to see how he looked

George crudo 20181129 021030

Finished painting the first attempt. I had 2 printed in case something went wrong (I accidentally chipped the first ones neck.... oops) or I wanted to try to repaint some pieces better...

George crudo 20181130 193037

For Example this is the first and second head. Tried to paint the second one with thinner paints. I'm not much of a painter so shoutout to my girlfriend for helping me with this! The eyes were super tiny and were terrifying to paint...

George crudo turnaround 1

Turnaround in Zbrush

George crudo turnaround 2

Turnaround in Zbrush

George crudo untextured

-Featured on Kotaku and Destructoid-

Super Smash Brothers is a video game series that has always meant a lot to me. I grew up with Nintendo and Smash. Masahiro Sakurai has been in charge of Smash since the beginning and I truly believe Smash wouldn't be what it is today if not for his influence. As thanks for all of his hard work and dedication in developing these games I have created fan art of an amiibo figure (typically reserved for the in game characters) of the creator himself. While many of my beloved characters are fighting in Smash, Mr Sakurai is my favorite Smash character for bringing all of them together :)

I was responsible for the digital sculpting, engineering for print and painting. The 2D Concept was created by Sean Hicks, and Jake Kemper printed the parts for me. This was a really great and fun collaboration and I hope everyone enjoys Super Smash Brothers Ultimate!!