Banjo-Kazooie Remastered Fan Art
George crudo bk main


George crudo dukbm1dxgacryjq

Original 2D Concept by Sean Hicks

George crudo banjo close
George crudo kazooie close
George crudo jinjo close up
George crudo bk back
George crudo bk untextured front
George crudo bk untextured back
George crudo zb1

Screenshots from Zbrush

George crudo zb2

Screenshots from Zbrush

George crudo jinjo solo

Screenshots from Zbrush

George crudo banjo key 1

How the model was keyed for 3D Printing

George crudo banjo key 2
George crudo print 1

The 3D print is still a bit of a WIP at the moment so things could still change. I'm most concerned with how top heavy the duo is. The pieces are not finished or fully attached yet. I used some sticky tack just for the pictures :)

George crudo prin 2
George crudo print 4


-Featured on Kotaku-

Banjo-Kazooie has always been one of my all time favorite character duos. I loved their games growing up and have always been sad that they were never truly given a "proper" revival. My friend Sean Hicks and I put our heads together and did our best to try and craft what Banjo and Kazooie would look like if they were "remastered" in the modern day :) Sean did tons of 2D exploration of the characters and I used those as reference to create my digital sculpt of the duo. Jinjo was a late addition to the piece that I designed based on a mix of all the previous designs to add something just a little extra cause I was always a fan of those little guys :) This sculpt was created with 3D Printing in mind and you can see my progress on the print so far
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