Tech Art Experiments - Curious Donkeys
George crudo dunkeyfinal1

My sculpt of Video Game Dunkey. He was my test subject for this experiment :)

George crudo curiousdonkey

The goal was to create a script that creates several duplicates of an object and have every object look in the direction of the next created object

George crudo donkeytest2

Demonstrating how the final script works. It names all the new meshes with a unique name and assigns an aim constraint. The last created object does not have a constraint as there is no donkey after him. He is a bit lonely unfortunately.

George crudo ta 1 functions

Functions and Main execution of the script. Full Script at:

George crudo ta 1 ui

Simple UI for this script that lets you input how many donkeys you would like to create

This was a little tech art experiment I did using Python in Maya. I started with an object in the scene (in this case it's a sculpt of videogamedunkey that I am working on) and when selected, I run this "curious donkey" script. It creates as many donkeys as you specify for it to and every donkey will look at the newest created donkey with an aim constraint. These donkeys won't take their eyes off of eachother! I'm hoping to continue and expand on this experiment moving forward

Full Script: