Marvelous Designer and Maya Quad Mesh/UV Transfer Tool

This is a Maya script that aids with creating game ready clothing assets from Marvelous Designer

This was a tool I created based on a method of creating usable geometry from a Marvelous Designer base mesh. The process involves exporting both a normal and flattened version of your generated clothing mesh from Marvelous Designer with the clothing pattern being your UVs. You then take the flattened version into something like ZBrush to generate clean quad topology that still resembles the flattened shape. The issue however is that you lose UVs and you don't have clean quads in the shape of your clothing mesh. This tool fixes that issue.
Once you have these 3 meshes, you can import them into Maya and utilize this tool. The tool identifies the meshes, transfers the UVs and "reshapes" the flattened quads.

You can find more information and a demonstration of how this script works here 

Release Notes

Fixed Syntax Errors with Maya 2022 requiring parentheses on print statements

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