Stager Assistant - Swap poses between multiple Zbrush subtools

UPDATE 9/5/2021-
This plugin is part of a larger collection of useful Zbrush Plugins! I'm going to stray away from individual plugin releases and try to put them all into the collection in the future. In the spirit of Zbrush, if you purchases the collection you will get new plugins and updates free of charge. If you were rad enough and purchased one of these individually and want to upgrade, please message me! I will get you the collection at a fair discount to show my appreciation :)

Stager is a new feature with Zbrush 2021.7 that allows you to store a Home and Target position with your Subtool. Which is super cool! However I quickly ran into a limitation with this where I wanted it to work across multiple subtools. Now you can.

This script is a pretty straightforward assistant to help make Stager more powerful.

Folder Home - Sets the Home Stage for all subtools in the current folderFolder Target - Sets the Target Stage for all subtools in the current FolderSwitch Folder - Switches the Stage for all subtools in the folder so you can instantly swap between an unposed / posed position

All Home, All Target and Switch All will operate on ALL Subtools in a scene.

Running any of these operations effectively clears the previously stored stage. This can be undone in the subtools undo history if you wish. However this means if you REPOSE you can always re run any of these operations to update to a new position. Say if you have a character posed but you want to pose it MORE, you can re run the Folder Target to update the target to the NEW pose. Your Home position should still be retained.

I'm still learning about Stager like all of you and will be making extensive use of this. Will be updating or addressing any bugs as they come up.

Enjoy and feel free to reach out to me for any questions, requests or bug fixes! 

Release Notes

Added a Paste Stager Folder and Paste Stager All feature for Zbrush 2022 adding the new ability to Copy and Paste Stager placements. This functionality is not compatible with versions older than 2022

Also be mindful that the Subtool the stager was copied from might also get pasted to which could mess up the stager position for that one subtool. Simply undo a couple of times to go back to the original Stager positions on this one subtool if it is effected

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