GC ZPlugins - Collection of useful ZScripts!

I've been making a lot of ZScripts lately and I figured I should bundle them all together into a convenient tool!
This bundle currently includes
- A tool that automatically creates a mesh with subdivisions and projects all of your details from a messy mesh
-A tool that helps automate processes with the new Stager tool in Zbrush 2021.7. Such as setting an entire folder's home and target states
-A tool that helps when you forget to make a layer. Will go back into your UndoHistory to a specified point and creates a layer from all the changes made after that
-A tool that helps automate 360 Turntable Zbrush renders and saves you a lot of time!
Model Compare
-A much easier way to compare two ZTL files so you can assess your progress with a very easy key toggle!
-An upgrade to Zbrush Mirror operation that preserves Subdivisions and also mirrors folders (Also includes QuickFlatten!)
-Lets you copy the Gizmo pivot from one Subtool to another!
-A handy tool that quickly automates many tasks relating to Surface Noise and Details in Zbrush

And a few miscellaneous tools aswell!

I plan to update this purchase with any fixes, and new tools. In the spirit of ZBrush if you purchase this one time bundle you will get free upgrades for life :)

If you purchased any of the previous individual Zscripts and want to "upgrade" to this, please send me a message and with proof of purchase I'll help you out with a discount code :)

Hope you enjoy!

Release Notes

V5.7 - Couple more fixes for the Save Tool script. Hopefully it's all good now!

V5.6 - Realized I was being VERY anti flow with not re-selecting the currently selected subtool! Now once the save operation is finished it will put you right back where you were!

V5.5 - Added the "Save Tool" button. Tools only have a "Save As' Functionality so if you want to quickly save your tool without breaking your flow, you can use this button!

This will only work if the file currently exists. If the file doesn't currently exist it will revert to Save As instead. Zbrush bases your file name on the Subtool at the top of your stack. So this script operates on that assumption as well

V5.3 - Upped the Polycount limit on ZReProject

V5.2 -Added ToolWipe that is a great tool for clearing up some Zbrush memory. It will run "Delete All" on all open tools in a ZProject except for the currently selected one

Added a SeeThrough Toggle for ModelCompare. Quickly swap between 0 and 100 on the SeeThrough slider

V5 - Added DetailHelper! DetailHelper is a handy tool that quickly automates many tasks dealing with Surface Noise and Details on a mesh

V4.1 - Added a SuperMirror New Folder button that creates a duplicated folder with the mirrored subtools

V4.0 - Added QuickFlatten to SuperMirror. This allows you to quickly flatten a mesh along the selected axis in the SuperMirror tool. This also works with Subdivision Levels!

 Fixed a bug with SuperMirror where the Mirror Folder was Mirror and Welding

V3.8 - Added AppendImport! An Import button that doesn't overwrite your current subtool or require you to duplicate an existing subtool. It gives you a brand new object to import an OBJ into.

V3.7 - Fixing a bug with SuperMirror where folders could not be mirrored

V3.6 -Added SMirror and Weld to SuperMirror Now you can Mirror and Weld and preserve Subdivisions. That is a bit misleading though. This will only work if it's actually possible to reconstruct the subdivisions after a mirror and weld operation and that usually means welding did not occur. I often use Mirror and Weld as a quick way to get a mirrored duplicate object (For example, if you had an ear subtool on one side of the head and wanted it on the opposite side as well). This operation is a quick way to mirror and create a duplicate and preserve subdivision levels.

V3.5 - Added a Paste Stager Folder and Paste Stager All feature to StagerAssistant for Zbrush 2022 adding the new ability to Copy and Paste Stager placements. This functionality is not compatible with versions older than 2022.

Also be mindful that the Subtool the stager was copied from might also get pasted to which could mess up the stager position for that one subtool. Simply undo a couple of times to go back to the original Stager positions on this one subtool if it is effected

V3.1 - Fixed a bug with Gizmo Transfer where it does not work on the last subtool if it is in a folder

V3.0 - Gizmo Transfer - A tool that lets you copy and paste the Gizmo Transform from one subtool to another!

V2.5 - New tool: SuperMirror - Allows you to mirror a subtool or a folder and preserves all your subdivisions!

V2.0 - New Tool: Model Compare! A much easier way to compare two ZTL files so you can assess your progress with a very easy key toggle!

LayerUndooie 2.0 - The tool now grabs a Morph Target at the Undo Point so you have that if you want to do something with it :)

I also added a couple of Modeling Macros that you might find useful :)

AutoPolyGroupCrease - Runs the operation of "Group By Normals" , "Crease by PG" and "Turn of Dynamic Subdivisions" Great for simple low res shapes like cylinders you quickly want to look good.

PanelLoopsZeroOut - Zeroes out a lot of the settings in Panel Loops. This is something I found myself doing a lot so I made a button for it!

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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One installation by a single user.

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