Authentic Civil War Era Grimace
George crudo grimace front
George crudo grimace back
George crudo capture

Split up keys

George crudo 20171221 201420
George crudo 20171221 201500
George crudo 20171221 201453
George crudo 20171221 201446

Have you ever wondered what Grimace from McDonalds would have looked like as a Civil War soldier? My friends and I did. After some serious research we discovered the long lost line of McDonalds Civil War Era toys. What's that? McDonalds wasn't around during the Civil War?.... shhh

This was a fun little side project I did, inspired by my coworkers to get more familiar with 3D printing. We, for whatever reason, often joke about Grimace from McDonalds and naturally this is where our joke ended up. Did we take it too far? Probably.

I sculpted and engineered the project entirely in Zbrush. The piece was split up into a head, body, backpack, drum top and drum bottom. He seems happy so that's all that matters.