Overwatch Fan Art - Tracer - Low Res
George crudo screenshot000
George crudo screenshot003
George crudo screenshot001
George crudo screenshot002
George crudo screenshot004
George crudo pose midshot
George crudo pose midshot2
George crudo finalposefinal
George crudo finalposebackfinal
George crudo defaultfrontfinal
George crudo side1final
George crudo sidefinal
George crudo defaultback1final
George crudo fullbodyfrontfinal
George crudo fullbodybackfinal
George crudo screenshot013
George crudo screenshot014
George crudo screenshot015

Hey everyone :) Here is my completed Tracer fan art. I'm a huge fan of Overwatch and Tracer and really hope that I have done the character justice. I've combined images from both the low and high resolution versions. This was my workflow on creating her:

High Resolution:
Zbrush: Sculpting, Polypainting, Posing
Low Resolution:
Maya: Retopology and UV Unwrapping
XNormal: Baking Maps
Substance Painter: Touching up the texture maps and repainting some areas to be a bit better
Marmoset Toolbag: Final Render and Viewer

If you would like to see my WIP thread on polycount, you can find it here. It's amazing to see where she started and what she looks like now!

Thanks for viewing everyone :)