Bandana Waddle Dee - 3D Print
George crudo edit1
George crudo edit2
George crudo edit3
George crudo render

Render of the sculpt from Keyshot

George crudo 20180414 180415
George crudo 20180406 170147

Lots to learn with painting and priming....

George crudo 20180324 101724

The printed pieces prior to any finishing work

George crudo engineer

How the pieces were split up for engineering.

This is a piece that I made as a surprise for my girlfriend's birthday. We have played through a couple of the Kirby co-op games together and her favorite character is Bandana Waddle Dee so I made her a little statue of him. I made the original sculpt in Zbrush and then engineered him for 3D printing. After 3D printing all the pieces, I went through with several coats of primer and sanding. Finally I used acrylic paints to paint him. This is the first piece I've ever really finished to this level so there's still a lot that I have to learn :)