Iron Fist - Danny Rand

George crudo ironfist bust 2 1 orig
George crudo 00
George crudo ironfist fullbody 2
George crudo ironfist face 2
George crudo 3
George crudo 5
George crudo 13
George crudo 12
George crudo 14

Iron Fist was a project I started last month due to excitement for the new Iron Fist Netflix series. I was determined to finish it in time for the launch of the show so here it is :) I sculpted the body in pose without symmetry to practice both asymmetrical sculpting and anatomy. I had been taking Scott Eaton's anatomy classes so this project seemed perfect to channel my excitement for the show and to put new knowledge into practice. The renders with the green background where from Keyshot. I rendered a main shot and an AO and combined them in Photoshop. The rest of the renders are BPRs from Zbrush just to show the mesh from different angles, lighting and without any color information. I learned a lot of technical things on this project I'm excited to employ moving forward. There are certainly areas of the sculpt that could be a bit more polished but I wanted to stick to my deadline. In the future I might polish this more and key it with the intent on making a 3D Print. Thank you :)